CROSSING CAPITAL GROUP is a New Jersey Benefit Corporation that supports communities of faith, seminaries, and colleges in reimagining their mission, ministries, and physical assets to create spaces, services, or businesses that generate positive social impact.

We leverage the power of storytelling and social networks to improve facilities and equip leaders to ensure institutional sustainability while making a social impact. We call this Fishing Differently!

Through our Advisory Services we equip clients with the vision, tools, and multiple sources of capital required to plan, launch, and scale socially beneficial real estate development projects and businesses. 

We established the Oikos Institute for Social Impact to create mutually supportive regional networks, which we refer to as ecosystems, to introduce the Fishing Differently concepts in a collective learning environment. 


Fishing Differently

Fish Differently Book
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“‘Fishing Differently’ offers an approach that helps churches move away from a maintenance mindset into mission and service. The book offers practical examples, demonstrating how churches can combine strong faith capital with social, human, and intellectual capital to achieve God’s will for them.”

– Lovett H. Weems, Jr., Distinguished Professor of Church Leadership at Wesley Seminary in Washington D.C., and Senior Consultant, Lewis Center for Church Leadership.