The Oikos Institute for Social Impact

The Oikos Institute for Social Impact helps congregations harness the power of their assets in order to be a catalyst for communal transformation and economic renewal. The Institute was established to train, inspire and nurture social entrepreneurs within communities of faith and social enterprises.

Our distinctiveness is rooted in the restoration of communities using appreciative inquiry. We refer to this process as Fishing Differently. We assist our clients by providing workshops, coaching and mentoring through our Fishing Differently Model. Participants in our courses learn how to access multiple sources of capital (F.I.S.H.) to achieve the vision and mission of their organizations.

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This training is well suited for pastors who are consumed with the day-to-day tasks of congregational ministry, yet hunger for a more expansive, outwardly focused approach to ministry. The program seeks to help gifted clergy live into a vision of leadership that reaches beyond the typical, inwardly focused, parochial patterns of congregational life. We also train experienced pastors to become Facilitators, so that they may train local congregations on how to Fish Differently.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), such as architects and real estate developers, who work with local congregations, are encouraged to become Facilitators as well.