F.I.S.H Workshops

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Workshop 1 – Introduction to FISHing Differently

This introductory workshop explores the principles of F.I.S.H. (Faith, Intellectual, Social and Human Capital), as outlined in our book, Fishing Differently: Ministry Formation in the Marketplace. Participants will explore how and why addressing varied perceptions to shared circumstances can assist congregations to pivot from a maintenance mindset toward harnessing the power of their assets as catalysts for communal transformation and economic renewal.  Through our interactive approach, we explore how recognizing and employing the collective gifts, talent, and missional intentions within congregations expands the social impact they can have.  Participants explore the benefits of how broadening their social networks, and gaining support from non-traditional allies, exponentially expands the scope and depth of a congregation’s missional vision, social impact, and transformational influence in the lives of individuals within their communities.

Workshop 2  FISHing Differently: Consensus, Pivoting and Social Impact

In preparation for this second workshop, congregations participate in our proprietary Fishing Differently Congregational Assessment.  This online assessment tool allows congregations to gain valuable insights into a congregation’s beliefs, practices, preferences, and the alignment between members and leaders. Included in the assessment report is detailed demographic data which helps congregations in defining the needs that exist in the community they serve.  This assessment and demographic data aids in developing a learning path which will empower and equip congregations in taking their next faithful step.

Building on the insights gained from the introductory workshop, and the Fishing Differently Congregational Assessment, this second-level workshop provides a path for defining the congregation’s missional identity and what potential projects or programs reflect their community impact calling.  We explore the mindset shift from identifying problems and challenges to actively addressing them in their communities.  Through a greater understanding and appreciation for the congregation’s historic significance, developing a narrative is an invaluable tool for garnering support from the local community, potential allies, investors, and even from within the congregation itself.  Having a well-defined vision which has internal support defines the specific community need which will be addressed, and defining success matrices for the project or program are all essential elements addressed in this workshop.

Workshop 3 – Fishing Differently: Program and Project Implementation

Utilizing the Fishing Differently framework, this third workshop is the culmination of the work up until this point and will result in the work of making the congregation’s missional vision a reality.  Participants will combine the learning objectives of Workshops 1 and 2 with the opportunity to engage the services of Crossing Capital Group, a New Jersey Benefit Corporation.  Executing on the defined program or project includes plan mapping, analyzing the congregation’s financial readiness, defining the internal leadership team, shoring up support from within and outside of the church, identifying, and budgeting for, all related project/program costs, , identifying potentially available grants or loans, researching, and employing best practices, and defining timelines and benchmarks.