F.I.S.H. Facilitator

Our Facilitator Certification Course is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to facilitate Fishing Differently workshops. Due to the growing demand for the Fishing Differently program, and the continual expansion of regional learning cohorts, we are seeking qualified and aligned leaders to prepare themselves to potentially join either the Crossing Capital or Oikos Institute teams or engage congregations directly as an independent Certified Fishing Differently facilitator, with the ongoing support and benefits available for members of our Facilitator team.

We have developed various ways for Fishing Differently Certified Facilitators to work directly with us, or independently.  We look forward to speaking with you should you feel that this opportunity may be right for you.

The Oikos Institute for Social Impact

Fishing Differently Facilitator Training Schedule and fees

Fishing Differently Seminar  FEE: $295

Facilitation begins with successfully completing the Fishing Differently Seminar. This 2-day seminar includes gaining a thorough understanding of our proprietary FISH model, theological reflection, intentional community building, and practical techniques to expand the facilitator’s skills by asking appropriate questions.


The 6-month Certification process gives you additional tools to equip others in harnessing FISH capital and how to effect social impact.

START-UP KIT Fee: $500

Upon receiving certification, you are now ready to equip others for social impact. You will receive your start-up kit, including books, business cards, a toll- free extension, a client referral, and promotional materials.

To explore this opportunity further, please contact us at certification@crossingcapitalgroup.com