3 Steps to Annual Membership

Stay connected.

Leveraging Success

After successfully completing the certification process, the return on your investment is clear. With increased experience, you now have tools to keep the marketplace ministry going. CCG’s annual membership affords facilitators the opportunity to sharpen your skills and stay connected.

Benefits & Discounts

Continue to be a featured facilitator on the CCG website and proudly add the CCG seal to network platforms. Plus, weekly check-ins keep you updated while quarterly coaching contact keeps you engaged. Special invitations to regional events and annual CCDA membership help keep your network circles broad. And, Fishing Differently book discounts and consulting analysis tools are included.

Simple and Convenient

As your ministry impact soars, we want to continue to suppport you. The annual membership package is $49/month for a 12-month auto-pay subscription on a safe and secure platform. That’s $588 per year. In proper perspective, facilitators are projected to earn $600 per quarter, at the very least. So, in a short time, the annual membership pays for itself.